Concrete Sand

Mason Sand Fine consistency washed sand similar to beach sand. Meets ASTM C144 Standards. Used in playgrounds, sandboxes, volleyball courts and the production of mortar for bricklaying.
Concrete Sand             Medium consistency washed sand. Meets ASTM C33 Standards. Used in the production of ready mix concrete, Enviro-Septic Septic systems (Presby systems), sandboxes.
Coarse Washed Sand   Coarse consistency washed sand. Used for winter road sanding, pipe bedding.
Sandy Fill Unscreened sand used as a non structural fill material, back filling foundations.
Dry Screened sand Unwashed screened sand used for pipe bedding.          
3/16 Stone Dust Bedding material used under pavers and tanks. Used as a finish material for campground sites, walkways and paths.
Silt Super fine, clay like substance used to line retaining ponds
2 Mil Golf Course Sand            Fine grained sand used for golf courses, such as trap sand, greens mix sand, top dressing sand.